You'll get bored

You’re scouring the job boards for roles that stand out to you.

You see a role, read all about it, research the company perhaps. You think “yes, this sounds interesting” so you do whatever the process asks of you to get your application over.

Here’s where the problems start. You know you tick all the boxes. You have the industry experience, the practical experience, perhaps there’s even more on your CV that you can bring to the role.

But, at some point, you hear the words “we’re really sorry, but you’ve got too much experience for us. We’d be worried you’d get bored.” No matter your protests, your insistence that that simply wouldn’t be the case. The game is over. You’re out of the running.

So why are companies so afraid, especially in this climate, to hire someone they think they may be too senior?

Yes I understand the old adage that an over-qualified person may not stick around as long - but why aren’t companies more comfortable and confident in their cultures and environments to think “do you know what, you will be bringing so much experience to this company, and we know you will just love working here, that we aren’t even considering what your length of service is likely to be”.

How refreshing would it be for a company to declare at the advert stage what the role is worth to them (which can often be driven by budget constraints rather than status of the role) and then just trust their processes, and the candidates, that the apparent over-experienced may just be the right hire, even if they were perhaps earning more in previous roles. You never know, you’re likely to get more bang for your buck!

So many companies are missing golden opportunities to bring on board great talent under a false worry of ‘boredom’.

I say enough is enough. 

It’s time for companies to have more confidence in themselves.

Believe in their culture.

Believe in their people.

What needs to change in hiring practices to rid ourselves of this bizarre belief system?

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