What makes you any different?

In HR we talk a lot about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Especially given recent events #blacklivesmatter

This isn't meant to detract from #blm but to open up a conversation- 

so I ask myself-In order to truly embrace diversity- are we in HR role role modelling this? Do we consider our own differences as people, as leaders, as professionals? Do we expect the leaders that we support to demonstrate vulnerability whilst shadowing our own deep self from the world? 

I want to share some of the things that make me different- not because of my ego but in the true hope that it encourages someone to be brave enough to think about what makes them different, to have that conversation with someone else and to truly celebrate each and every difference. 

Here are some of my differences- I grew up in a Cult that disguises itself as a religion, I suffered mental abuse as part of that 'religion', I grew up in complete poverty, I was the only Welsh kid in a Scottish school, I am one of the only Welsh people in my current community, I have a very diverse Career background, I didn't celebrate a Birthday or Xmas until in my 20's, I hold myself back at times because of my past, and I have worked very hard to succeed in spite of my past, I am annoyingly optimistic and positive at times. ;-) 

Now its your turn.... What makes you any different? 

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