What is the connection between Pomeranian dogs and Gender Stereotyping

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

I have a question for you, and it is an unusual one, but what is the connection between Pomeranian dogs and Gender Stereotyping?

I will return to that question later

In the meantime have a think about it while you read on

Pomeranian dogs are extroverted, friendly, playful and intelligent, and also known as Pom pom, Pom, Deutscher Spitz, Zwergspitz, Spitz nain, Spitz enano and Zwers

They are also small dogs

and unbelievably cute.

and I utterly adore them,

and I intend to own one

Does that seem OK to you?

Now let’s consider Gender Stereotyping...

Gender Stereotyping is defined by the United Nations as “the practice of ascribing to an individual woman or man specific attributes, characteristics, or roles by reason only of her or his membership in the social group of women or men” The United Nations also states “ Gender stereotyping is wrongful when it results in a violation or violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms “

So, did you think it a bit weird or odd when I said as a man that I utterly adored Pomeranian dogs and intend to own one?

If you felt it a bit weird or odd, then here we have the answer to my earlier question as to the link between Pomeranian dogs and Gender Stereotyping

Because let’s be honest, it is not normal for a guy to own a Pomeranian dog and to say openly he adores them, as they are cute, small, fluffy dogs, and Gender Stereotyping tells us a man needs to have a dog that suits a man, for example one which is larger and not small and cute and fluffy, and is therefore “manly”

I hope this helps you to appreciate how ingrained gender stereotyping is and how deep it is within us

So only by challenging these assumptions and looking at things afresh, can we make real progress in ending gender stereotyping

I hope this conversation helps

And to close, here is a pic of a cute Pomeranian, aren’t they sooooo wonderful :)

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