Thriving Culture, Happy employees and Exceptional Achievements at Work

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Workplace culture at the forefront

Creating a positive workplace culture where employees don’t have to drag themselves out of bed but instead set that alarm extra early to get to work early on Monday Morning is not that hard to achieve as long as you are passionate and determined to make it happen. That being said with the increase in working from home, flexible working options this could be any day of the week at any time of the day. But the point is are you ready to make that change happen?

Work becomes our second home and sometimes even our first. Workplace peers become our colleagues, friends and small little families. Supporting Health and Wellbeing in your teams and promoting an untouchable workforce is essential to success. A thriving culture does not happen overnight, it takes time, patience, consistency and determination. But if you continue to push you will get there just like with anything in the world and when you do it will be an absolute blast for your employees, your leadership team and for your business results.

Representation Vs Reality

Results speak louder than words! You will see it on your employees faces, the productivity levels, the morale, your customers satisfaction and your results. It will shine bright. The whole environment in the office will be amazing, it will be upbeat it will allow continuous new and exciting ways of looking at things in new dimensions. It will mean growth in every angle. The culture of your organisation reflects how you run your business, your ethos and values of your business, demonstrating what is tolerable and what is exceptional. Having something down on paper and plans in place representing what you plan to do does not mean you have done those things only when you see the faces and you see the results then you will know whether you are just merely representing or whether it is reality.

Benefits are unlimited

Having a culture where everyone strives to do better, strives to help each other and an organisation which is thriving with enthusiasm and excitement has a whole host of benefits:

  • Happy loyal workforce ready to go the extra mile to achieve excellence.

  • Motivated employees, productivity levels increased.

  • Positive Health and Wellbeing.

  • Lifelong relationships.

  • Friendly and collaborative environment.

  • Full of opportunities of growth and development.

  • Healthy competition and great team work.

  • Fun shared team experience.

  • And so much more.

How can you build that thriving culture?

  1. Have a clear vision and set core values. Knowing what you want to achieve and being clear on how you will reach that goal is vital. One person can not build a mansion. It is through collaboration, teamwork and exceptional people orientated leadership, only then an organisation can achieve true success. This then needs to be communicated and embedded in the strategy that all teams are working towards. This can be done through living and demonstrating the values each day, can be integrated into training sessions, implemented into the interview and induction process across the board. Communicating the vision and values is the key to achieving everything you want to achieve and more.

  2. Embedding a growth mindset. How many of you have been in a situation where you have created something amazing, a new process, a new way of doing things for someone to take all the credit and you are not even given a second glance. Some of us have, all too many times. The fact is we should all be sharing successes and growing together. We should be supporting one another to do things better to continuously develop ourselves and to develop key success in the organisation too whilst giving opportunities to enhance skills through training sessions, sponsored programmes, lunch and learns and cross training.

  3. Mental Health Awareness. You never know what is going on in a persons life. You never know what they have been through or what they are going through. No one expects you to know unless that person tells you. There are people out there that paint a smile on their face every day. Just because they are smiling does not mean they are happy. It does not mean they are sad either. But the point is we do not know. We do not know their life journey and what they have been through. We do not know their struggles or the pain they may or may not be in. Building a culture where the team is there for one another and who looks out for each other to try to support in any way they can is so valuable. Having this supportive culture working top down the hierarchy will help to embed and allow it to become the norm.

  4. Work Life Balance/Flexible Working. Promoting a healthy work life balance will be well received by your teams. Everyone has something they need or want to get done. Whether that is spending more time with the family, attending their childrens school play, going out with friends, attending an appointment, getting their hair done or anything else in the world having that balance will help to boost morale and commitment. Ideas on promoting a work life balance could be working from home, switching to more suitable times, results rather than time contributions.

  5. Cross Training. Employees having the chance to work in other departments or on other projects which are outside their usual area of expertise will help to build an understanding between colleagues and will enhance relationships across the business. It will allow employees to understand the other side of the process and it will help other teams to understand the key challenges the other team members face. Employees who want to take part in cross training will be further motivated and excited to take on a new challenge whilst developing their own skills and progressing in their own development.

  6. Social Activities. A great way to get teams networking with each other and getting to know each other better. Having a team building event can bring everyone together and can focus on building a community whilst enhancing skills such as problem solving, innovation, communication and so much more. The activities can last an hour, a couple hours or the whole day. Some fun activity ideas could be holding a company sports day, yoga teambuilding session, arts and craft session. Or why not host a day out down the local park, to the local zoo or anywhere else in the world together.

  7. Fantastic Team Togetherness. Great team relationships enhance team spirit and allows teams to feel comfortable and safe to be innovative and creative. Employees who do not feel comfortable with their co-workers, or those who are worried that others may put them down or laugh at their ideas tend to stay more reserved and exceptional ideas can be missed. Building a team that is integrated and together with one another can be done through recognising that small things can make a huge difference building habits from the top down will help to replicate this across your teams. Team building activities, small initiatives such as leaving a thank you post it note on the desk, celebrating and congratulating on successes, having lunch together all align that togetherness strategy.

To summarise

Be unique. Be open to change. Be open to feedback. Be determined. Remember one person cannot change the world, an organisation needs everyone to be working towards the same goal. Remember your employees are key to the success of your business.

A thriving culture, creating an amazing brand is not just having all the things written down on paper it is about making it a habit, making it a norm in day to day activities. It needs to be genuine, from the top down and needs to be done with energy and enthusiasm. Look after your employees and they will help you to achieve exceptional results.

Working in HR or in a Management role you have the opportunity to build on the culture of the organisation, you have the chance to put your point across to engage with the employees and make the best workplace possible. Lets have a business that employees enjoy coming to work for.

Lets put the Human back in to HR!

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