SWOT your way through the year!

At school and throughout university we learn so many theories, so many models whether they be Hertzberg, The guest model, Adams Equity Theory and the list just goes on and on, doesn’t it. To be honest most of them went over my head and there are very few which I can confidently explain. One of them which stuck in my head automatically is SWOT analysis.

Now I love a good swot and this is something I do at least every few months and I would recommend every single person doing a swot on themselves at least a few times a year. Throughout life I have carried a SWOT out as an HR Professional and now as a Business Owner and let me tell you it gives you such a clear sense of structured direction. Trust me. Try it!

Sherri what is this "SWOT" you are talking about though?

A swot analysis can be used to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It can be conducted on anything. It can be conducted on businesses, products, individuals, absolutely anything. That is why this model is so great.

Okay think about it like this...

Business Owners/Job Seekers/Individuals/Students/Absolutely anyone in fact, wouldn't you love to be absolutely crystal clear on:

  • What are your strengths? What are you really good at? What makes you excel? What makes you unique?

  • What are your weaknesses? What areas are you not so good at? What areas do you need to develop further on to turn into strengths?

  • What are your Opportunities? What can you do to improve even further? What can you do to turn those weaknesses you identified into strengths through utilising opportunities which come your way?

  • What are the potential threats that could arise? What are the potential barriers which could prevent you from taking up those opportunities? What threats need to be minimised to help you turn your weaknesses into strengths?

When you take time to reflect and do your SWOT this will help you to continuously improve.

Allowing you to constantly develop getting better every time.

So here is a peak of a SWOT of mine as an HR Professional back last year to give you an idea for your own:


  • Patient.

  • Genuinely caring.

  • Compassionate.

  • Always fair.

  • Good listener.

  • Good at employee Wellbeing initiatives/engagement initiatives.


  • Employment Law.

  • Investigations

  • Disciplinaries.

  • Grievances.


  • Observe and take part in ER Cases to address my weakness and build on my knowledge and get further exposure.

  • Build insights through studying CIPD.

  • Familiarise myself with ER policies.

  • Watch Employment law videos.


  • Time constraints (very busy and a threat could be not having enough time to fully focus on learning and developing on my weaknesses at the speed I hope too).

When I conducted this SWOT on myself, it gave me clarity, a clear picture on what my next steps were to improve and that is exactly what I went and done. I focused on my opportunities and I was able to develop further in areas which I struggled with at the beginning. Of course, this SWOT was done a while back and since then I have reviewed it and once again reflected on where I was, where I am now and where do I want to get too.

Reflection and follow up as an ongoing task is essential for self-development.

No one is perfect, nothing is ever perfect however understanding our SWOT helps us to work on the areas we need to improve on but also allows us to identify and market out our strengths which is just as important.

Why not do a SWOT on your self today?

Work on your weaknesses and opportunities.

Minimise your threats and then do not forget to review it in a few months time.

Good Luck!

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