I am in my mid-twenties, thus fits in to the category of “next generation” what a lot refer to as generation z. I have met quite a few individuals with prejudice towards me and “my generations” work ethics and approach to working – I have even myself talked about individuals a few years younger than me being lazy, ignorant and careless at work. However, I must admit that investigating the general approach to generations, the newer generation are always described like this. The generation X has been criticised, the generation Y has been criticised and now the generation Z. Are we as human being simply getting worse and worse with every generation? Because that is what the sounds like, talking to the past generations.

The current behaviour amongst young people we experience in the workplace is a product of the societal and global development – as technology has rapidly improved and many things (including knowledge and skills) have become easier to access along with us no longer being asked to remember much as Google is in our pockets, we have ourselves created these new employees. These new employees are beyond resilient, as they have grown up having to adapt to technology development constantly. They learn quickly, they can find the best answers and solutions by using the internet, they are creative and problem-solvers, and they are constantly within reach as they are available on their phone 24/7.

By looking at what we have created and understanding that the natural development of society and technology affects “the next generation” we can within HR take advantage of the new employees. We are not to expect them to fit into HR processes and workplaces created 50 years ago – they live in the modern world and if we allow them to, they will help us improve organisations, processes and results. In many ways, we are a product of our surroundings, so creating an environment supporting these employees and encouraging them to contribute to the organisations is crucial to motivate them and make use of the highly qualified skillset them can bring to the workplace.

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