2020 Pandemic Employee Engagement Ideas

We are going into a second lockdown. How are you feeling about it? How are your teams feeling about it? I am sure many have many mixed emotions and views.

One thing is for certain though. Whether your teams are in the office or working from home, keeping up those team interactions and connections is vital to maintain a motivated and productive team. Engaging with your employees will help you keep strong bonds moving and great teamwork.

Have you had a think about how you as a HR Professional or you as a Manager can help bring employees together even when they are working virtually? If not, that is exactly what you need to be thinking.

Benefits of Employee Engagement:

  1. Creates a thriving workplace culture where teams feel happy, comfortable and safe to share new ideas with each other.

  2. Increased motivation and productivity levels which is likely to mean much better results achieved.

  3. Increased retention rates, more employees would prefer to stay with a company who focuses on employee engagement.

  4. Happier employees. Increased support towards employee wellbeing.

  5. Lower levels of absenteeism

The list just goes on...

3 Key ideas to keep employees engaged and connected even when they are not in the office:

  1. Stay in regular contact whether that be through one to one meetings or group meetings, check in with your employees and show you genuinely want to know how they are getting on.

  2. Organise workplace events to reconnect that team spirit and to push fun back into the working environment even when employees are working from home. There are a whole host of virtual ideas such as: Quiz Nights Lunch and Learns Coffee and cake mornings Talent Shows Yoga or meditation class Team Building strategy day Competitions And so much more...

  3. Appreciation and recognition. During team calls genuinely thank the team and recognise fantastic achievements. A thank you and true praised words go a long way, more than you realise.

There are so many ways to connect with your team. Find out what motivates them best and keep those team bonding sessions going. People have been affected in so many ways throughout the pandemic it is really important to make sure your employees feel they are still connected to the rest of their team, to their managers and to their workplaces.

Remember go bring your teams closer together through regular interactions.

Stay safe everyone and stay connected!

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